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Originally Posted by LJE4357 View Post
........ Both of the Jr's I have, put out a bit over 5 lb's of static thrust on my Dynamic

..... some on the thread say, there is no support here in the US. You need to chech out the Jet Joe Website, and see who the US dealers are. ...

I hope to have one of the Jr's in a T-45 at Florida Jets this year, if I can get the electric retracts finished. Also I'm trying an experiment. I'm going to see if I can fly a lightened up, NitroModels, Falcon 120 with a Jet Joe Jr. 5 lbs. of static thrust should fly a 10 lbs model. I don't expect to burn up the sky, but it should fly.

My 2 cents worth

Larry E.

SouthEast Model Products Inc.
Orlando, Fl.
My 2 cents Worth

Hi Larry,

You are correct. I went to JJ's site, and they NOW have USA dealers and/or service. BUT the one dealer, I've never heard of. I'm not "bashing", or "Knocking" anyone... but With JJ's track record, and an unknown service point... I would still tell people to be careful.

Anyway... While looking on JJ's site... I did see that the newer JJJ has an electric starter on it. (nice addition) But I also noticed that they De-rated it down to 3.5 Lbs of thrust. Also, I watched their video of the little engine running... and at 240,000 RPM (full throttle) it looked like it was making 1.8 kg of thrust (just under 4 Lbs) BUT... the EGT was WAY up at 830 c !!!!!!!!!!!! At those temps... that engine won't last long. Heck... most of my engines, I have the "over Temp" alarm set at 700 c. And on average... my engines will run in the low/mid 600's at full throttle. I have an old SimJet 1650 that runs in the upper 500's. At over 800.... the hot parts will decay, and the bearings will cook.

As far as using a JJJ on the Falcon 120... I'm not sure it will fly well enough to be worth it. If you do try it... you will have to take off a VERY smooth tarmac runway. But... since the falcon is cheap... give it a try, and post up the results. But, you may have better results with it on a 50, or even a 25.

I have a unbuilt 120 I can weigh the parts for you. I have one flying with an AMT-180 engine... but they were so cheap... I bought a second one for parts. (lol)

What T-45 are you thinking about? I have a wren 44 in a CMP T-45. It flys real nice with 8 Lbs of thrust. (I turned down the WM44, to be 1:1) And... once off the ground, it flys well at half throttle. (that's about 3 Lbs of thrust) So... you should be OK with a JJJ as long as you are flying off a paved runway.
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