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Originally Posted by Gerry__ View Post
Why do people have so much trouble with prop direction? Simply locate the leading edge. It should be blindingly obvious which way on it has to go and which way it needs to turn. And, btw, not all props have lettering on them and even if they do, it's not always on the back.
Struggling to understand why an RCG Plus member has had to reply with such a condesending answer TBH.

If you couldn't supply the information in a more positive manner then why bother at all.

Clearly to some members it is difficult to understand which way a prop has to go on therefore the initial question.. As usual it's only easy if you know how.

There are also many members who still don't know which is the leading edge therefore this part of your answer is of no use to those trying to understand the fundamentals of prop installation.

You could have at least supplied an attachement to indicate what you are talking about to those who have no idea.

Also thousands of members, including myself find that PREDOMINANTLY the lettering and numbering is on the front of the propeller when looking at it head on mounted on the motor or engine, and is PREDOMINANTLY discussed on many threads as being so.
Therefore this will be the case for the mentioned pusher prop on the rear mounted motor of the Stryker.

I can't believe that you have sprung up on this large thread only to post such a degrading contribution.

With respect Gerry I'm not particularly impressed with your poorly worded reply which may have only served to make newer members reluctant to ask future technical questions.
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