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Originally Posted by BrushlesHeaven View Post
Okee dokee.... Gents lets go back to:
Fairwind III by Kyosho.... ;-)
I'm back to it! By the way, does anyone know what flavor Fairwind I have? I assume there are Fairwind, Fairwind II and Fairwind III models. I have seen that the "900" is a fiberglass boat, so I definitely don't have that.

Yesterday's big accomplishments were mounting my old sail servo arm to the new servo, which is a HiTec 645MG. Of course the holes didn't line up, but my tiniest drill bit solved that problem.

I made a call that I may come to regret and put a tiny dot of blue threadlock on the main screw that holds the plastic disk on top of the servo, then put a small amount of West System G-Flex epoxy, which is supposed to stick to anything, on each of the four screws that hold the aluminum arm to the plastic disk, and also between the two parts. I hope they stay together for years and I don't have to mess with them.

I had a bit of leftover epoxy so I used it to stick a small rectangle of fiberglass cloth over the holes where the through-deck power switch was mounted. It looks pretty disreputable, made worse by the fact that the scrap I used had a black ink line on it, made when I was cutting a piece for my little aluminum skiff to size. Not the prettiest fix in the world, but I'm hoping it will at least stay put and be waterproof.

Today I plan to rebuild the sail servo mounting box that came apart when I removed the old servo, build a mounting box for the rudder servo, and hunt up some velcro to stick the new receiver and battery box in place. I'm not sure exactly what I will do with the new switch, but I'll mount it inside the boat someplace. I plan to use some G-Flex epoxy and fiberglass cloth for these jobs, so need to allow a day for curing before I can actually install the new servos and switch.

Maybe I'll be sailing my boat this week! Tuesday's forecast is for N winds at 20-25 knots. Sounds good to me!
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