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If one or more cell goes "bad" an indication of that is that it takes long time to get the battery pack fully (balanced) charged. The bad cell(s) will strugle to reach 4.20 volt (=fully charged). I have experienced this myself. I would guess that most common cause for this (exept the battery had many cycles on it) is that a battery has been run down to almost empty. Always leave about 20% of capacity in the battery when flying, the absolute minimum 10%. Otherwise the LiPo pack may get a shorter life then it otherwise will have. Another good thing is to storage charge the Lipo to 50-60% if capacity when You do not intend to use the battery for maybe a week (to have them fully charged ready for useage will be OK for a day or two).
Although balance charging is prefered You do not need to do that every time at the field (if You charge at the field). It goes faster to charge. You can set in many charger that it will end charging when it is charged to for example 95% - the last 5% usually takes long since then the balancing is working most at the end of charging process. But balance charge as often as it is practical possible to get all cells fully charged to 4.20 volt.

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