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I too have a bit difficulty in figuring things out.
This DIY thing really not for everyone, and sometimes the instruction is clear enough for people who are already doing DIY all the times, and sometimes its a little hard to understand for the non DIYers or for newbs

about using orange rx as tx, what I understand from the manual is I should connect ch3 signal pin to the negative. I hope thats correct.

And is ch3 in the orange openlrs rx in the fourth from bottom ? since first one is RSSI, that makes fourth one channel 3 ?

Then today, I tried to use orange openlrs as specturm analyzer,
I flashed the rx as tx, which was default from downloaded openlrsng, and set rx type as the orange openlrs in the openlrs.ino file.

Then I tried to use it with the spectrum analyzer, from the manual, I push the bind button (ch3 and negative connected) then I insert the USB,(I dont have buzzer) the red light is blinking fast like 5 times and goes solid.
But it behave the same way when inserting the USB without pushing the button.
That makes confused, I don't know how the led should behave as I can't find any documentation.

SHould the led keeps blinking red while used as spectrum analyzer or while binding ? or it just blink for several times only ?

any how, the port in the specturm analyzer software is already correct, I clicked "open" it gave out mesagge that the "module locked?" and it just freeze, I can't click the update.

That is as far as I can get with the module, its definately a challenge
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