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Sipple31 wrote,
What is the best way to remove the flybar? I don't like that it doesn't have a screw. I pried it apart and now the plastic seems to have some negative memory effects.
That's the only way.
Try squeezing it back together a tad before replacing the bar.

For those that may be interested in which MOSFETs they are...
The part # stamped on them is > GEP1 4241.
I tried a Google for them but couldn't find anything relative.
Most cofnusnig.
Anyone have any luck?
If you're replacing the motor, I'd suggest using a slightly heavier gauge wire.
You can use stranded or solid. It's up to you.
Maybe around 2mm squared? 10 Amp stuff.
Fathead wrote...
Hey guys, i have another question. Im tinkering with my servo linkages trying to get the swash level. Is it normal for the swash to lean backwards with throttle, but level without?
I levelled the swash (static), tried a hover & noticed that the RHS servo pulled down on power up.
I tried to adjust the trims but ran out of adjustment.
Hand held, I then adjusted the swash for level with power applied.
It's weird mixing going on in the chip....apparently, or my PCB is on the way out.

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