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Originally Posted by Maxmannnn View Post
Well I flew the 71" again today. It is very addictive to fly and I really enjoy it. The Hacker A60-6xs is just GUTLESS at 8000 ft though. Im running 6s 5300 65c. Ive tried about every prop combo I can except a 21x11 which aeromodel suggested and Ill try soon. Im wondering if anyone is running 8s or 12s on this plane that can compare it to 6s for me. I like to abuse my aiframes and fling em around a bit. With this setup I can barely get a full snap roll out of it unless its on a downline. Pop tops are non-existant. Im sure some of you cheaters (ahem) I mean low altitude guys get lots of power from the hacker, but up here I need more Scotty! (sorry steve for the hacker blasphemy).
I run 12S on my 4330-216 and the power is on a whole different level then partner with his 4325-380 on 6s. To get the same power I get with my 12s setup a 6s would peak at about 140 amps. To be fair... the 4325 is smaller and not capable of the power of the 4330, but even with the 4330 I wouldn't dare put any ware close to 140 amps through it. My power system settles in at about 2800 watts which is still over 125 amps for a 6s setup.
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