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Thanks Rob. Talked to Jeff today and looks like he's getting his ISP setup so should be back up soon. He's had a lot of crap happen lately, some bad, some fantastically good!

Hey GDon, Yeah, Ken is one of the good guys. I have full confidence that he'll find you a fair price to go with on the pistol.

Katie: NDN = Next Door Neighbor All of mine are crazier than I am but in a good way. They'll help out in any way, everyone is extremely considerate of each other, just great people. Not so good on bad guys, burglars and such. There was this one time at Gary's house.........but I digress. Nothing has happened out in recent years here but if someone ever tried to break in one of our homes they better hope the cops show up.............otherwise, well, there's a lot of swamp around here, gators, sharks and so forth. Someone could just................disappear. I sleep well at night.

Seeds: I haven't seen any of the little man-eaters lately but I've been looking. Maybe time of year? Let me know what you think about temps for these critters. Possibly they'll pop back up in the Spring?
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