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I had to run some errands and do some stocking up on hardware at the LHS this morning, so i didn't get much done. I did get the right elevon servo mounted and its linkage hooked up, so both elevon's are complete now.

I also finished up the last of the two octopus harness'/extensions. The center section wiring harness consists of a pair of 12 pin ashlock connectors with four 30" long Heavy Duty servo extensions. Each connector is a different color (which match's the color of each female connector in the outer wing panels) to coordinate each servo with its Rx channel. There are also two Smart Fly Equalizer 2's that are plugged into Aux 1 and the 2nd into Aux2 channels, and then the outer flaps plug into one equalizer and the inner flaps into the other equalizer. This allows the outer flaps to be mixed to go up when the inner flaps go down AND the outer flaps to deflect up when up elevator is selected (helper elevators). The helper elevator function may not be 100% necessary, so i'm going to have it programmed so this function can be turned on and off by the flip of a switch. That way I can use them during takeoff on the maiden flight and then turn them off at altitude, this will tell me if they need to be used this way all the time or not (i'm assuming not, but you never know!)

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