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Originally Posted by numnutchris View Post
Not sure what you mean with the pairing, apologize if misleading anyway.
Assuming you have checked the mechanical part acc. to the other thread and then sub-trimmed within reasonable amounts to get the flaperons to neutral:
If one servo (surface) moves more than the other you might want to eg. decrease the END POINT of the one with most throw. Scroll to either CH1 or 6 and move the ail stick in desired direction and change the value while watching the surface movement.
To acieve the desired amounts of travel you also might want to play with the numbers in the flaperon menu (ail1, ail2 with their L and R numbers).
And if you dont want to mess up a working setup, copy the model to another, empty, memory (under the MDL-SEL menu) and then play with the numbers. (And some more ifs: newbie & electric model - play without any propeller mounted).
The SERVO menu usually is a good help also, to see where different numbers and mixes take the servo(s).
Thanks Again! All great information to think about. I hadn't thought of using the end point on 1 aileron to get both close the same on each side. Sorry if my post didn't make sense. When I was trying to get the control throws the right amount (per plane instructions) I just couldn't get 1 side where it needed to be and I was trying to do all of it via the dual rate adjustment menu, but that affected both sides since I didn't see channel 6 listed (only channels 1-4 for dual rate menu). I hadn't thought of setting up a second model to use as the test subject. I will definitely do that and just experiment with the functions especially since I'm still learning. Great advice on the propeller. I had it on earlier and then stopped and thought it may not be such a good idea to have that slice into me or something while I'm messing around

Thanks again for all the help!

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