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[QUOTE=Steve_;23864297]It's spinning clockwise as observed from above?

To spin clockwise, the tail has to over-power the main motor.
Your tail motor is stock?

A more common problem when upgrading to the Xtreme 180 motors is
the stock tail motor cannot keep up, and the helicopter spins counter-clockwise.

Have you had any recent crashes or flybar strikes?

Unwanted clockwise rotation is usually a defective gyro, or shorted output transistor.[/QUOTE

Thanks for your reply guys... It has a stock tail motor that
has maybe 5 flights. The Pcb is the original, and has been thru some hellatious crashes. Like nosing into the ground a couple of times at fff. Where the battery has launched almost all the way thru the canopy. And the usual drops from 50 ft coming out of trees. So I wouldn't be surprised if the gyro was tweeked. But when I hold the bird and test the gyro by pitching her left and right the tail motor does Rev up swinging ccw and shuts down swinging cw.

Also to answer Blair's question. I don't really notice a difference in any power between the oem motor and the extreme.
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