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Originally Posted by lardo5150 View Post
How did you get the "up" angle in the wing? What i mean is when you look at the a-10 head on the wings come out straight but then angle up? Sorry dont know the exact terms.
Greetings lardo5150...! Ok bear with me.... :-)

For a wing like the A-10, you make it in sections. So this for example would be hot wired in 3 separate sections. (Left Wing - Mid Section - Right Wing)

Take the left and right wing, one at a time, lay them on a bench top flat, then slide the wing until the root edge is flush with the edge of the table. Then (depending on your scale needs and angle of dihedral, place a 1/2 in of foam or shim under the far wing tip. This will lift the wing up causing the root edge to be angled, extending it "oh so slightly" off the edge of the bench.

Again, keeping the base of the root edge flush with the table, (remember the wing will be angled now) take a sanding block and sand it back and forth until its flush again and back to 90 degrees. When your done and you lay your wing back flat on the table, you can see that edge has an angle to it.

Repeat the process with the other wing. When you are done and you line up the Left and Right wings with the mid wing, they will need to angle up to become "flush" with the mid wing.

From there you can epoxy and cf reinforce them with whatever method your familiar with. (Make sure you brace each wing tip at the same height while gluing so that they are even)

Its hard to explain but I hope it makes sense for you. If not let me know or send me a PM.

Good luck!
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