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Originally Posted by compactrisc View Post
Just got my second v911 (yellow BNF) from banggood (old battery plug). I got my first one (red RTF) from Tmart, both for the heli and RF module in Tx.
Differences I noticed so far:
1. The yellow 911 feels more sturdy, with thicker canopy and stronger landing skid
2. The tail motor cage design is different (slightly better on yellow 911)
3. The yellow 911 flies right out of box with minor trim. while for the red 911, I have to adjust the servo linkage to make a level swashplate.
4. In flight, the yellow 911 feels more stable and gives out a louder sound. while the red 911 feels a little bit shaky and has some weird low pitch humming sound.
5. The yellow 911 needs manual binding every time I switch battery while the red v911 binds to Tx automatically, regardless of the power sequence.
6. main shaft is enclosed on yellow v911 and partially exposed on red v911.
7. they also have different battery holder design, and I like the yellow one better.
8. Main shaft is CF, not metal
9. Swashplate has some brass components ( the 'fisheye')
10. Screw-holes in the supplied main blades look more robust, thicker and better supported mechanically, than stock.blades which are ridiculously thin and borkable.
11. Despite the differences, without canopy and battery, the Y and V models weigh roughly the same (within 0.2g by my scales)

I mainly fly the yellow because it feels mildly more stable and the skids are less flimsy looking. The components transferred from the V were a) batteries and b) the black/orange canopy, because it weighs a bit less and looks better imo.
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