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I started working on windows for the cockpit area. These are provided with the kit and only do the front top and bottom portions. Nothing too special here, just trim to fit and I just tacked them on for now until I'm ready to have them permanently installed. I will be going to my local plastics distributer and get some matching lexan to eventually do the side windows.

I also worked on the landing gear. The issue is that the supplied landing is close but still very different from scale. There are several different versions of the landing gear on the real heli, some short, some long, some ultra stubby, plus the tail sags at the rear from 5degrees all the way up to 10degrees on some models. I looked at some pictures and had some back and forth discussions with Keyrigger about the stance, and decided to adapt my gear to my build.
The problem is that with so many different variations it would be next to impossible to get the gear 100% scale. Largely due to the fact that the struts on the real heli have a much greater forward down angle than the model version. So instead of messing around with angle, width, thickness, height and all the other details that arise, I decided to simply make it look close enough without spending hundreds of hours on this part of the build.
Since the heli will never be 100% scale from top to bottom, I doubt many people will ever even notice or care for that matter. The important thing is that I like it and it adds a slight personal touch from just the stock gear.

The Work:
First, the rear gear was trimmed approximately a 1/2 inch, then re-drilled the hole to secure it in the fuse. This sets the tail at a 5degree down angle. It is not the most downward I have seen them, but this way makes it simpler to offset the mechanics if need be to get the head level to the ground when at rest.

Next, the four knobs for the grub screws to secure the skids on the outside of the gear were trimmed and the holes will later be filled. This still leaves the knobs for the inside and should be more then enough to keep the skids in place.

I also cut all four step bars and re-located them higher in the front and lower in the rear to get it closer to scale. I will eventually be adding some side steps near the rear doors to add to the overall look.

Later, the struts will be painted silver to match leaving the skids and the step bars black.

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