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Originally Posted by porcia83 View Post
Don't the bonus points get awarded based on the amount of money you spend on an item? If you no longer purchase the item wouldn't it make sense that the bonus points get taken away too?
yes the thing i removed was a motor that cost $18.01, i got that 18.01 back but they also removed about $0.25. i thought it was a error but then i emailed them. heres what the email says:

i said

"hello, i had an order where i wanted a car motor removed. i asked cheryl
(the live support staff member) if she could remove the motor. before i
asked her i had $1.23 in points, after she added the 18.01 from the cost of
the motor, it went to $19.12.

if i am correct, $1.23 + $18.01 is NOT $19.12. i consulted her about this
issue and she told me that she too saw that i had $1.23 points in my
account before i had the motor removed.

please ask cheryl or look at the chat i had with her, because i believe
that i had some money accidentally removed because of a technical error
with your systems. please add the money that you owe me and check up on
your points system because i believe there is a glitch.

this happened with the last time i had something removed, i lost no more
than $0.20 and i did not bother to consult anyone about it but because it
has now happened twice, i want you to make sure everything is working
properly and i would like the points i lost given back to me.

please also add the points that i lost last time i had items removed. it
was, like i said no more than $0.20."

THEY SAID: "Thanks for contacting the HobbyKing Support Team.

Please be advised the system will charge your bonus points for fee automatically once you deduct the items for your order, as you have removed several item from the order# 2005761731. If you have any concerns please contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day!

Thanks for emailing support."

I want to bloody kick them ****'s in the face
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