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Originally Posted by Jumanoc View Post
Hello, newbie here.
I just out box my phantom. Assembled it , follow DJI video how to first ....
Turn on control with throotle down.
Connect battery.... Sounds Ok, initial test, but then... Lights keep flashing:
1 yellow, 3 red, 4 green. And repeats indefinideldly. Control is ok because i change from ATI to GPS mode and just sequence changes first color:
1 green, 3 red, 4 green. And repeats indefinideldly.

No motors start... What is the meanning of those lights sequence?
Sorry if this post out of topic.... But no found where to ask.

Thanks for your help.
Jumanoc, the first light is your mode. Yellow is ATTI and the Green is GPS. The second is your GPS satellite lock indicating that you have less than 5 satellites. I am assuming that you are indoors. Normally the 4 green flashes mean that the Home Point has been registered but I have only seen them go once and stop. Have you watched all the DJI videos that were posted on the DJI site? If not then do that. The motors will not start until you do the CSC. It is described in the quick start manual and the video. Right now you need to get out in an open field, calibrate the compass(look at the video), and take some baby steps to learn how to fly this craft. I would recommend that you start out in GPS mode, no red flashes before you take off. It is fun, it can be easy but take your time.
Tahoe Ed is online now Find More Posts by Tahoe Ed
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