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Probably not. You can slow down a servo with a transmitter adjustment since that simply moves the control pulse position more slowly. My DX8 and Evo can both do that. If the servo is moving a mechanical retract it moves more slowly.

But servoless retracts only use the pulse position to tell them when to start operating. They use switches at the end of the travel to terminate movement. They are just a motor running a drive screw at full speed between two limits. To slow them you would have to slow the actual motor speed and that would result in significant power reduction.

You could pulse the actual supply voltage with additional circuitry and slow them that way but that is not what the transmitter servo slow function does.

Try it by all means but I think it will just delay the start of the movement not its actual speed.


Originally Posted by Brianlon View Post
I have recently purchased some eletric servoless retracs and would like to know if I can slow their operation down to an even more scale speed using the servo speed function on my Hitec Aurora??

Any input is appreciated.
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