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Originally Posted by syzygyQ View Post
I've been achieving hit and miss results with my packing tape application (mostly misses).

What methods do you use to get good tape application results?

-- do you apply the tape lengthwise or widthwise?
-- do you overlap or try to get seamless edge alignment?
-- do you use an applying tool -- that takes a roll / has a handle?
-- do you have methods of getting that tape on bubble / wrinkle free?

It would be great to see a video of expert tape application...

Heres how I tape. Real easy and you don't need a credit card.

1. ) Line your DT up with one end of the table.
2. ) End of the tape gets taped to the table ( Not the foam )
3. ) Stretch the tape the length of the foam without touching the foam.
4. ) Lower the tape down onto the foam while keeping it snug but not overly tight.
5. ) Lightly run your hand down the length.

Easy. Fast. Wrinkle free. Careful on having tape to tight or it will warp the foam.

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