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Originally Posted by HELModels View Post
t's human nature to want an edge. Some take it to an extreme and disregard the rules and some are willing to work for it. The politician is going for power and influence over others because that's what turns them on and lines their pockets. The athlete is looking to gain an advantage that brings wins, prize money, endorsements, and the glory of appearing to be the best. Both cheat to get what they want and know the truth is what could bring them down. They'll use whatever tactic they can get away with to keep the truth elusive. There's nothing elite about them.
Well, there is something elite about most pro athletes ... they were born with an edge over everyone else. In Lance's case it was his cardiovascular system as measured by V02 max. Other athletes have other "talents."

The problem for these folks is when you gather all the "elites" for a competition, the playing field is much closer to being "level." Thus the need for an edge.

Throw in a radically competitive mindset along with someone motivated to "be the best" and you get someone like Lance. Or Barry Bonds. Or ... ...

Nothing new here. Next.
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