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Originally Posted by MaddSkillz View Post
He lied yet again when he said he wasn't doped up during his comeback. No way that's believable. There's evidence on the contrary, actually.

That's what I think too.

There must be some kind of statute of limitations his lawyers worked out for confessing to doping from the mid-90's up until 2005, but then denying anything from 2009-2010.

I don't trust the guy at all, every time he opens his mouth he lies.

If he was sincere about coming clean he'd have done it back before the Reasoned Decision came out, and they stripped him of his Tour titles and banned him from competing in the future. The only reason he's saying anything now is his team manager Bruyneel is supposed to testify sometime in the future, and Lance knows that he'd probably get thrown under the bus and have to testify under oath admitting to cheating, and be forced to name names of everybody in the know.

Basically he's just covering his butt for future lawsuits against him.

I also believe strongly that there are people in the cycling doping governing bodies that helped him cover it up, as well as team sponsors, owners, coaches, doctors, and cycling officials in the US and abroad. He tried to say it was simple doping, but the whole thing went on for way too long without there being a highly orchestrated effort throughout the sport to hide the truth from the public at large.
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