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Originally Posted by Usta Bee View Post
I watched the interview.

In the first coupla minutes he admitted to using EPO, steroids, and blood boosting.

Then he admitted he lied all these years, and that he deliberately sued people who told the truth about him.

Afer that it was pretty much it.

Oprah didn't ask any hardball questions.

Lance didn't rat out any co-conspirators.

He didn't want to talk about former teammates, doctors, or anyone involved higher up.

He said he wished he'd come clean with USADA months ago, instead of lying and trying to sue them. A little bit late I'd say.

The guy is a total pathalogical liar and a slimeball. The only reason he's admitting to anything is his back is up against the wall now, and he's covering his bets for future legal action against him.

I don't believe he would EVER have told the truth on his own, and I don't believe he's telling the whole truth now.
He lied yet again when he said he wasn't doped up during his comeback. No way that's believable. There's evidence on the contrary, actually.

At least his fans now know who he really is. He's a bully, a liar and has caused a great many people a lot of damage.
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