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Flipping the front of the tailplane up would not be a good idea - it would certainly bring the model down, as it would go into a half outside loop, but there may well be consequences for the wings when subjected to negative G, apart from the fact that landing upside down wouldn't be a good thing! As an alternative to a tip-up tail, a tip-up wing works fine, leading edge UP of course.

I would install a dowel though the fuselage a little way in front of the tailplane LE and lower down in the fuselage, and either a dowel in the junction of the fin and tailplane TE or a wire hook on the fin TE. You would need to sheet the bay in front of the tailplane with 1/16" sheet and cut a slot for the front of the fin to pivot in. Also a stop for the front of the tailplane will be required. Then if you hook bands from the dowel at the tailplane TE to the dowel through the fuselage the tailplane will naturally try to tip up. To hold it down you can either use a little band around the tailplane TE dowel and one in the fuselage, which could be burned through by the DT fuse, but you should have a snuffer tube to make sure the fuse doesn't fall off and start a fire. Better would be to pull the taiplane down with monofilament fishing line passing through a curved ali tube and running forward to a convenient point where a snuffer tube can be fitted in the fuselage. The fishing line terminates in a small ring, the DT band passes through this to a dowel a little way in front of the snuffer tube. Much harder to explain in words than to do!!

With the small prop and weak motor your Contestor won't fly like a vintage Wakefield, but it will be light enough to catch a thermal and fly away in the right conditions.
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