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Originally Posted by farmertom View Post
My new spectrum radio has mixing capability of the rudder and aileron to make coordinated turns. Does anyone have an ideas at to what that ratio should be. I have tried 75% rudder to aileron and am not sure that is correct. Seems to dive a lot in the turns.
Thanks for your ideas.
So does real planes. The basic of a turn is to balance the aileron and elevator to achieve a turn of required radius without loosing or gaining altitude. Most plane also tend to "push out the nose" in a (so called) un-coordinated turn. This is where the rudder comes in; By applying a little rudder into the turn, the plane will turn more "cleanly".

On my EasyStar, I have programmed a 30% mix from aileron into the rudder. That is, when I apply full aileron, the rudder moves only a little.

In real planes you often also increase the power a bit when entering the turn. This help maintain constant airspeed and - to some extend - prevents loosing altitude. Furthermore, you normally don't select a bank angle of more than 30 degrees if you are approaching or departing at low speed, as the wing lift is decreased. This prevents stalls.
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