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I am going by the plan and the build notes on the plan and that is what the plan states as the settings. However, he does state that as you get more experienced that you can reduce the neutral opening of the drag rudders, but for the first flights he recomends these settings. The thing is and there are comments on the foamy B2 threads that at low speed they are much less effective, just when a maiden flight is going to go wrong, just after take off without enough yaw stability. They have also found it is easier to fly with the drag rudders open, although some poeple do say they close then once flying at speed.

As the wings are swept back there is some effect akin to dihedral on this model, the plane yaws to the left, the right wing now shows more frontal drag rudder area and the left wing less, so there is some auto correction. It might not be enough but again Chris Golds did not fly with gyros. Perhaps the drag rudder opening in flight is they key to gyro / no gyro.

I plan on keeping things like they are until I have a feel for this. As I have set them up on independent channels I can set the neutral position more closed with a mixer and not have to change the mechanical linkages.
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