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Originally Posted by John Ebell View Post
Hello all! My model yacht club has just adopted the Nirvana as our club entry boat. We race several others classes but decided the Nirvana perfect for people to start with. I even discussed this with Steve Lang this past summer. Well now I log onto his site and find out that they are sold out and don't know when or ever get another order in. My question to you all is, besides finding them used on Ebay where can one find any Nirvanas in the States? We will have people joining our club this spring and need to find a source for them to get boats. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Ebell
Maryland Model Yacht Club
Originally Posted by Boomer1 View Post
Hi John
Looks like you have a conundrum there. The good news is that there are Nirvana's for sale on E-bay quite often. Seebee has a nice boat for sale right now that would be a good starting point. If the club had the funds, stocking up on a few boats might not be a bad idea.
Not sure how long the wait will be for another container load of Nirvana's or even if that is in the works, but depending on how many boats you anticipate needing, it might not be more than an inconvenience. Not sure?

Good luck
Originally Posted by dwatson View Post
That is a website I will keep my eye on when it is time for me to move back to the states in few years.

I could load up, bring it back and sell it off.

Hmmmm? Indeed.

I just went though the process on THIS site and found that 405USD shipped is a great price for three boats. However, as you go through to the end you have to "contact seller" to figure a way to pay.

I sent them a nastygram advising that since it's not PayPal to cancel my order. If they respond that somehow they DO accept PayPal, I may need to be the proud owner of a few yachts!

The used Ebay boat is almost 300USD!

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