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Originally Posted by Arycon View Post
Hey guys,

Begging your pardon for the next heli question. Been researching tons and want good honest opinions and not responses to agree with what I want.

My goal: Move up to a larger CCPM heli between 300-500 class.

Experience: Novice

Fleet: Tons of planks. Nine Eagles Bravo Fixed Pitch Micro. Blade Nano CP X.

I have a good number of flights on my Nano and can hover indoors. Outside I fly circuits, figure eights and hovers. I have yet to attempt any kind of 3D on it. Atm I use Phoenix Flight with my DX7s to practice 3D and orientation skills so I save myself $ when I crash.

I feel I am ready to move up and would like opinions on what would be reasonable, efficient and smart to keep practicing sport flying but have the capability to transition to 3D when I am ready. Having a Spektrum DX7s I am looking closely at the Blade helis. I like the 300x, 450 3D and 450 x. I hear great things about the 450x but the headspeed and responsiveness are intimidating. I know I can tone it down but being a novice at setting up helis I worry about being able to maintain the flybarless system. I hear the 300x is having mechanical/vibration issues. So far, the 450 3D looks the most appealing. The BNF basic is right up my alley. I already have an iCharger and 11.1v 2200 mah packs.

Im interested to hear opinions or experience from owners of the above helis or possible other helis I should consider. Thanks guys
I would suggest the 450X from those three and also compared to others in that size.
You can reduce the head speed to 75% max and the dual rates and expo to gentle settings. It flys really well even which a soft setup. Then as you get better, just need to creep the settings up a notch or two.
You get good spares and support by using a mainstream heli and manufacturer. That is very important when you are beginning.
I have several sized Helis and I think the 450 is the best choice between small and twitchy and bigger more stable that you can still fly at or near home without any fuss. Lots of practice is what it is all about.
The 450X flys like a bigger heli.

The BeastX FBL controller comes very well setup and when you are happy with it, doesn't need any maintenance at all. Mine was fine out of the box. I didn't touch it. I do have two bigger Helis both with BeastXs, which I set up from scratch.

Good luck.
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