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The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Yah - now you're cookin

I read in the manual that fractions of a step are ok (as are decimal velocities and accelerations etc.)

It just makes a Gawd-awful racket when DevFus Foam inserts the F200 G-Code to slow the cutting down to 200 units a minute. And it mean it really is horrible - and LOUD.

I might set a second Profile up, using Inches as the native format with 2400 steps per inch. It shouldn't make any difference, as that Unit Of Measurement only applies for jogging (from what I've read).

It's the G20 & G21 G-Codes that tell it to use either imperial or metric when doing the actual cutting.

And yah, it would be interesting to hear DPot's comments.

I'll see if I can put up a short vid of the smooth singing sound it makes while jogging compared to the tear-your-fillings-out noise it makes doing an actual cut...

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