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thanks for the tools info. im not sure what version of mplab i got now but probably as out of date as my programmer was. ill update if i get into the nitty gritty. for now your hex file will allow me to play with the hardware which is my main interest atm. hopefully your schematic is ok because, lacking patience needed for pcbs, im gonna try deadbug first. speaking of which i was inspired by your success to give my dead avr deadbug another try. good thing because i found the problem and so have finally posted pics of it in my flysky rx thread.

sman, i can tell you have experience with more than one mcu family because you hit the nail on the head about pic timing. very predictable, unlike avr where you simply cannot predict interrupt latency. only way is to int from sleep which can be tricky. but i gotta say pic programming algorithms are a real pain though. that 12v is not universal for all devices. if only they standardized on a voltage or protocol. seems like you have to buy a new programmer every time a chip is released. thats where avr leads the pack. virtually identical across the board and no more than 3 signals from a pc port to do the trick. no dongles needed at all.
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