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I think some of you are jumping to conclusions. I'm not talking about classifieds first off, I'm talking about people who design their own plane, build it and attempt to sell them to people, small at home business.

I'm not policing, I'm making a suggestion. As an example, LPU is nice in the title, but it doesn't need to be there, as long as the person mentions it who cares where it's at. Though personally If tent to look at people's sales regardless if I'm interest I like looking at people's little changes to the planes and the aging of the planes etc.

I'm just saying that if you want to sell something you designed in a semi-professional manner even if it is just for fun out of your house it's nice to know a little information. If an ad states "PZ p-51 BL for sale" and I want to know how much it weighs or it's a good aircraft, you can google it, or look on here at a thread. But when somebody posts a single picture of a wing, states "semi symmetrical complex airfoil" but the single picture looks like a totally different design most people would probably move on. Honestly, I respect people for putting the effort in, and I feel like it's lost in poor follow trough. I would LOVE to know all the information that led them to design it the way they did.

Don't mistake my rant for a push for change, or policing, because it's not. People love it when people review new products, wouldn't want the same from your own? I guess I could have just said that, but I didn't think about it till now.
MaydayMayday is online now Find More Posts by MaydayMayday
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