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Armin Wing Video Guide: Ten Part Series

I missed the nine part follow up YouTube series on Armin Wing construction. You might also miss them if you do either of these things I've done, namely: viewing the videos on an iPad, or using the generally excellent Firefox plug in "Download Helper". Each of these methods seems to strip out the embedded links to the related nine part series otherwise presented in the nominally 19 minute overview video. This may not be universally true (or even true more than once), but from what I can see so far it looks like those links can strip out.

Now that I've found and downloaded the nine part series, they also show up promptly in "any" search for "Armin Wing". I'm pretty sure though that in my earlier searches on "Armin Wing" the nine part series either didn't show up or got buried enough pages deep to become non-obvious to find. If you have any difficulty locating the series, maybe try this exact search phrase: "the armin wing".
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