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New Product
Pitlab FPV System: OSD+ILS+Autopilot+BuddyFlight+Ground Station+Diversity+Ant Tracker

I would like to present our new FPV system including:
- OSD with graphic engine. It displays 4 screens: 2 fixed and 2 user defineable. All objects on the screen can be moved and configured by the user via our FPV Manager software. Connection between hardware and software is via standard mini USB cable. No USB drivers are required.
Support 9 waypoints settable via software and visible on the FPV screen during flight.
The OSD has several menus available in 4 languages: EN, PL, FR and DE. Other languages can be prepared and installed.
Working alone, the OSD take model position, course and altitude from GPS. When working with autopilot can take more precise data about altitude and course from autopilot's sensors. Also working with autopilot has possibility to display artificial horizon usable in low vision conditions: in the dark or clouds. Can also generate audible variometer tone.
Has multiple colour connectors for easy installation. It support NMEA GPS and GLONASS (without magnetometer installed) on the blue socket, 50A current and voltage sensor on the 3-pin red socket, Eagle Tree airspeed sensor on the yellow I2C port connector and temperature sensor on the Analog Input in black connector.
Driving between menu positions on the ground is possible with 3 button keyboard, in flight possible via free RC channel with 3-position switch.
The OSD needs 12 V power supply for camera and AV transmitter, and 5 V power supply for it's digital part taken from autopilot or from RC receiver (4-pin red socket).

- Autopilot with full IMU supporting all basic fixed wing configurations. It has possibility to automatic return to home in case of the RC link lost.
It has 3 working modes: OFF - with manual control, STAB - with automatic plane stabilization on the position set by user via RC link, AUTO - full automatic flight to next waypoint or base if no waypoints defined.
It has also color connectors for GPS (shared with OSD) and possibility to connect more sensors in future.
RC receiver can be connected in 3 ways: all channels in parallel, serial PPM and Futaba S-Bus (not supported yet in software).
Autopilot needs 5 V power supply from servo connector.

- Last component is Ground Station. It has tracking antenna driver, 2 channel diversity based on video signal analysis, 3 outputs video splitter, telemetry decoder and SD card logger, current meter, color LCD display with touch screen.

Some example flight made by our users you can see on YouTube
The system can be ordered in PitLab.Shop. Is available in kits or separately.

OSD user's manual
Autopilot user's manual
Ground Station users manual
Autopilot tuning step by step
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