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Originally Posted by liorz055 View Post
Hi Spejlo , can you please explain how did you connect the Rx to the transmitter in order that the RX will serve as TX (from wiring point of view).
I guess you connected the +&- and signal to the appropriate pins in the walkera transmitter, but where did you connect it to the TX , channel 1?
can you also elaborate on the binding procedure and the thUndeadMOD3.6 flashing (did you used older version of arduino?)

Yep.. CH1 (- + S) from bottom.
I have no binding button on TX.. i use fix header and freq. hopping channels (same in TX & RX)
only problem was I can't save failsafe from TX (without button) so I reprogram RX and now it can be done with jumper CH1-CH3 (like enabling PPM)

every project with extension .pde I open with ardiuno v0.22 and .ino extension 1 and greather
flashing is simple.. like every arduino.. connect->click upload->reset->DONE
you must choose your own header and channels same on TX and RX
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