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Originally Posted by josh18 View Post
Glad you got it sorted Jim. How do you attatch your metal frame to the mould? Ive heard of using something flexible, like PU sealant or something, to avoid bowing etc.
Keep up the great work!
I just scored up the contact face of the steel with the angle grinder and set it into a vinylester/"Q" cells splooge, with the odd piece of coremat where the clearance was excessive.
I have done this successfully with the epoxy moulds for the plank. I know that the vinylester resin is not such a good adhesive. So, I have my misgivings about this time around. If it separates, I'll use something like a good silicone or something. I've not thought about it yet.

I just started the second side of the fuse layup. I've sorted out the difficulty of laying up around the wing fillets. More or less like Adam describes. Also using band-aid sized "straps" (for want of a better description), which are folded over the sharp external corners or arris's and retain the layup in good contact with the gel coat.
On the nose of the fillet, I also found that a small stip of drop sheet plastic stretched over the offending area, retained it all nicely. The surface tension of the plastic on the wet layup is al that is required to keep it tight and for it to do it's job.


edit: Of course, I did thoroughly degrease the steel first!
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