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So you want to sell your design, Some advice before you post about it.

Lately I've been looking at a lot of the home sold kits people have been posting about on the forums and classifieds and I started to notice a trend. And I by no mean this as an insult, you get an A for effort for stepping forward and selling your ideas, but you are horrible at telling us the details. (again not everybody, but a lot)

Most of the "ads" I see are a couple of sentences about how "you've been designing it" or "there is a thread on it" but then list little to no details on WHY you designed the way you did, and why it's a good option to purchase over the hundreds of other similar options.

Please, take the time, many of us are interested in your designs. But I'm not willing to fork out even $30 for somebodies design when sentences have more miss-spellings then specs on the aircraft. I ask you please take the time to fill in details, I'm sure many of us are interested in those details and are a large part of our consideration for future purchases.
MaydayMayday is online now Find More Posts by MaydayMayday
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