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This is a BIG range

Originally Posted by chanyote66 View Post
Very sensitive? lol... guess you havent flown any flying wings... +/- 1/2" is a HUGE window

I loved how mine flew at 90-95mm from leading edge. But with the new one getting 10Ah of 4s i think im going to take it back to around 98-102mm

I use a 3A Lipo and the CG is at 210mm from LE and flies perfectly. Of course, I use a gyro and I can put the CG anywhere from 60mm to 200+mm because the gyro takes care of all of it. As a bonus, any little gusts upon landing does not bother the plane at all. The gyro can correct a sudden change in attitude at least 100+ times faster than a human. I use a gyro (EK2-0704) on almost all my planes. They make even a beginner look like an expert when landing.
P.S. Without a gyro, the plane would be unflyable.
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