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Originally Posted by kaptondave View Post
If I bought a product and destroyed it through that kind of abuse I would have been ashamed to ask for a free replacement.
Why? The temperature control is guaranteed. I told them exactly what happened and they gladly gave me a replacement. I haven't tested the new one yet. I did over amp several old Turnigy ESC's and they cut out just like they are supposed to. As far as abusing it, I was unaware that I was overamping the ESC. So, it was an accident, not abuse. Testing other ESC's is exactly that. If I can't depend on the built in protection, I won't use it. After all, it HAS to be there to protect the plane against overamping. You might be ashamed. I am not in the least. I expect any ESC to operate according to its specs. If it doesn't, why bother buying it. And, if it fails, I expect it to be replaced. Expecting them to replace the whole plane would be unrealistic. But, I lost an entire airplane because of their failed ESC. Certainly, they have a responsibility for the failure. That is just good business.
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