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Originally Posted by guaglione87 View Post
Maiden flight today. Boy she flys real slow which will be nice for my fpv setup. Tip stalled and barely caught it, so learned my lesson there. Also it does not seem to handle wind too well. Other than that it flew great
Any chance it's tailheavy? Sounds vaguely like that.

The SSS is VERY sensitive to CG position. Move it a quarter inch and it's a whole different airplane.

The manual recommends a CG position 100mm behind the leading edge of the wing. I put mine there, and found that seems to be about the best position, at least for me and my plane. YMMV.

I also flew mine with the CG about a quarter inch behind that point, and it kept bobbing its nose up and down, with me trying to keep it steady with the stick, and stalled frequently. Sound familiar?

And I flew mine with the CG as far forward as 93mm behind the leading edge (which is about a quarter inch forward of where the manual recommends). Still flew fine. But with every hand launch, the plane would dip toward the ground, requiring a real fast up-elevator to yank it back up and avoid the grass.

Experiment with the CG position, and see where your plane flies best.

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