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Drag Rudder Servos

Completed the drag rudder servos using Hitec HS-85 mini servos. There is some detail of these on the plan showing the neutral openings and the fully open and closed positions. The push rods are internal which has made a little more work but it does mean that they are out of sight, an external set up looks a little unsightly on the upper surface even if it is more accessible. Given the available servo travel I can actually open the servos more than the plan requires. Interestingly the plan shows that the upper section is always more open than the lower section, therefore it has a sort of reflex setting. The hatches follow the same detail as the elevon servos. Now I have done this I am wondering about going back to the elevons and seeing about setting up a less visible pushrod system.

The programming has been equally involving given I can have extra travel on the opening than closing directions, a sort of drag rudder differential action. I have set the mixing up so the slider on the Tx can open both drag rudders more to give more yaw stability and also when the landing gear is down they are opened more. Not sure if these latter points are required or not. I have put the nose wheel steering onto a different channel mixed from the rudders but without trims linked through and have put the nose wheel steering trim onto one of the additional trim buttons. Therefore I can trim the steering and rudders separately.
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