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Originally Posted by ysolomon View Post
Yes, don't use it... It's probably only me, but I had such hard time with LS-II (StyroSpray 1000) that I wouldn't try it again... On this L-39, I went back to fiberglassing. I do use a material called EZE Kote with the Fiberglass, that is VERY easy to use. If you do decide to go with LS-II anyway, I don't think that you will have problem with Acrylic paints. That's what I was going to use.
Originally Posted by jcdfrd View Post
styrospray will accept any paint you want to use on it, of coarse following proper painting procedures and using primer when required.

I would agree with yoram on not using SS but for a completely diff reason. now that I have completed my first SS job on my L39 I can see that it really shouldn't be used on EPO foam. the reason is that epo will expand when heated and show thru the SS finish. this is whats happening to mine currently, it still looks good but that wasn't the finish I was looking for. if you put down a thicker SS coat it will stop this but then you have added too much weight so for me I would absolutely use SS again but it will be on a eps foamy where the finish thickness of the SS will be half or less and no weight issues and no expanding foam under the dark colors of your paint scheme. if you were to do an all white or mostly white paint scheme it might be ok, none of the white areas on my plane are showing this issue but where the purple is gets hot in the sun and expands the foam underneath and shows thru the finish.
I had an ooopsy with my L39 a couple of weekends ago and well I was comming out of a tail slide right over the runway and exited about 2' off the runway, looked really cool but didn't really see the 4' brush off the end of the runway and well flew right thru it at about 130mph lol!!! now if I hadn't SS this model the brush would have cut into the foam wing and slapped it into the ground but with the SS hard coating it just wiggled a little bit and I thought uh oh so upon landing and inspection I had two hairline cracks in the leading edge where it struck and because of the wingtip tanks the brush slide down the LE of the wing and caught the tip tanks so most of the damage was right there, it took about a 1/4 in of damage to that spot and I was amazed how little damage there really was, anyway the repair is almost done and seems very easy to work with regarding the repair. I am quite happy with SS it just needs to be applied over the correct foam. here are a few shots of my SS HTG L39
I never fiber-glassed... so I guess for the first model I will start with the LS-II or the SS, taking into consideration to keep it under the shade in all times (except when it's in the air ), as I'm planning to use dark colors (the Brietling... )
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