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Originally Posted by grimbeaver View Post
First are you sure that the volt meter you are using to determine it is off by 20mv is calibrated then your charger?
The voltmeter itself is probably not very accurate, however over 5 different lipo packs and multiple charges, it has consistently showed a 0.02v higher reading on the voltmeter. The charger also constantly needs to balance out the other 2 cells, with the 2nd cell being low across all of my batteries (making balance charging so very slow ). My dad brought some highly accurate power supplies home when his work was throwing them out, I'll have a look at them and see if they are accurate enough to test my charger.

Am I over reacting to this, I just got some new batteries and want to treat them properly.

the code is also not 1111, 1000, 1100, 1110 only 6556 possibilities left (we'll do this in no time)

Do you think its worth a try asking Horizon?
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