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I have a A9, T8J, FF6, 9XR, Optic 6, also used DX8.

By far my favourite is the A9. If you want to change an option, just tap it. No scrolling back and forth missing it, or wondering if you can change it. Just tap it! If it doesn't select, then its not a changeable option. Also I like the fact that its a resistive touch screen as well, as a capacitance screens (i.e. modern smartphones - iPhone, etc) you can't use through a lot of gloves without modding them.

But then as Wayne shows, not everyone likes a touch screen...

However this does show that everyone is different and that not everyone can be satisfied.

I don't like spinney things, I tend to spin past them too often and it annoys me. Also you can either have the turning thing too hard or too soft. I do think the T8J joystick is pretty easy to use though...

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