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Depends on the wheel/disk.

I have used lots of things with buttons, a DX8 and a couple of Multiplex transmitters - and I'm an older guy.

The Multiplex disk adjustor is far and away my favourite system. It separates the push and the rotation axis very clearly. Gives you very rapid access through complex hierarchical menus while keeping a very discrete selection process.

Everyone will have their own views - just don't put a touch screen on it please! Touch screens are great for complex positional info, sealing the device from the outside environment, and (the main reason) keeping the manufacturing cost down since you can do all the design and configuration in software and change your mind afterwards when you didn't do it properly the first time. They are poor for choosing between discrete options if screen real estate is limited. Ask anyone with less than perfect eyesight and hand control who has to type on a smartphone.
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I hate wheels! I have a hard time making them turn WITHOUT pressing hard enough to activate the switch!! Older guys can relate to this I'm sure.
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