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I have to say, I am actually not so "throttle hold minded".
The reason being, that once you hit that throttle hold, it is a one-way-ticket downwards and all there is left is damage control, which can work, but also makes it a nasty habit of hitting the throttle hold in situations where it is absolutely not necessary or even unwanted. at any height over 3 feet it is better to try and regain control, and at any height over 10 feet, hitting the throttle hold without mastering an AR will make sure you have damage without any possibility to regain control.

It is my opinion that it is better to take it a bit slower, so you will learn to avoid situations where you might need throttle hold, and train yourself to keep steering the darn thing.

That is how I train my students, and reviewing the (very few) crashes that have happened in my flight school in the last year, there were not many where hitting throttle hold could have done much more than save a main gear or so.

Also, I am not really agreeing with setting up the helicopter mechanically for the full pitch range then adjusting over the transmitter.
Reason: you are leaving a lot of servo travel unused (approx 50%), and thus you are leaving that same 50% resolution (servo accuracy) and 50% availlable servo torque unused.
For most trainers not a big deal, but if you ever want to go to bigger heli's with more rotorblades, it is better to learn how to set it up properly, which is in my opinion "servo horns perpendicular to the pushrods at hoover pitch (being appr +5 deg)" and a horn length that gives you aprox -3 when the pitch stick is backed fully. The rest you can set with your transmitter.

If you have even a moderate good feel for it (and provided you know your helicopter well), you can literally feel the improved accuracy of steering compared to the -11 till +11 set-up.

Brgds, Bert
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