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Good day bmeeks24,

May I know where your lipo battery is placed in the fuselage? Are you using the stock 1000mAh 2s lipo? I have read your details on this thread and others in entirety and would like to see if I may assist. Let's start with where the lipo is placed in the fuselage and what lipo and we can go from there. The 800mm A-1 Skyraider is one of my favorite park size warbirds. This aircraft shows no bad flight characters in any area, with one exception that like any other airplane, the wrong CG and not enough airspeed may cause a host of problems. On your link above about another author and the A-1 veering left on take off and hitting the dirt, that is 100% normal when flying just about any tail dragger. These birds are 4 channel and not a tricycle gear. Full throttle does not mean the airplane will track straight and take off. Right rudder on take of is a Must on 100 out of 100 tail dragger airplanes. Let's see if we can get your A-1 figured out. Again, we are all here to assist and make your experience better.


Originally Posted by bmeeks24 View Post
OK - I finally got it off the ground (weather has been horrible here for park flying)... I think I need some advice. I flew my other planes to prove that I AM capable of flying... but flying this plane is still like putting socks on a rooster.

Please let me know what to try next.

OK - here is what happens...

Takeoff roll was short and sweet and up it went - I was happy for about 5 seconds. It then started to pitch up then stall out once i hit full throttle at about 15 feet. I couldn't get it to trim fast enough to feel comfortable so I brought it down and landed it.

I then trimmed it a bit on the ground in anticipation - took off again and still at 3/4 throttle it wanted to go nose high - I let it get more altitude and tried to go straight out. I made a slight left bank and it wanted to snap-roll and spiral - so I eased up on the controls. The remainder of the flight was like a rodeo bull ride. Battling between the planes desire to porpoise and spiral down.

There was no gentle bank - there was no straight and level. Finally made a death roll and nose dive into the dirt. Lost another prop and the motor mount seems loose.

What I know -- the control surfaces are in the middle hole and the TX is set up right. I THINK the CG is correct based on what I found online (fingers at the fattest part of the wing - about an inch back from the leading edge, plane upside down balancing) - does it need more nose weight? What else could make it so un-responsive to correction and hard to fly?

I flew my micro park flyer for another 20 minutes, that made it all better. I really want to get this bird flying!!!!! What am I doing wrong??????
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