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Originally Posted by Qrome View Post
Tom, I really wish you would leave the previous versions of the firmware up on the listing. Particularly '#16 v0.58 MOV FW' -- I know it has some slight bugs with motion -- but most probably don't use that -- I don't.

Anyway, it is probably mentioned somewhere in the pages after the v0.67 was released but the live video feed no longer does the 4:3 out and shows the black bars. I like how it displayed for the v0.58 much better.
Only the most recent released firmware will be kept on the download page since that will always be the most stable and with the most features. As mentioned on the download page, if someone wants an older firmware, they only need to PM me an email address and I will send it to them.

But some clarification is needed. All the video out is in a 4:3 aspect ratio frame. But based on posts from other FPV fliers, not all FPV displays will interpret and display the camera video out signal the same. There's no camera fix for that. If you can't replicate the following and want the old FW, PM me with your email address.

Depending on how the camera configuration is set, on my TV, I can get the video out to display the 16:9 aspect ratio full AOV image letterboxed in that frame (with the black bars), or I can get an image that fully fills the 4:3 frame (what you want) in two different forms. One will be the full AOV native image stretched vertically (circles will be vertical ovals) to fill the frame and eliminate the black bars, and the other will be the native image cropped on the sides to a 4:3 aspect ratio image and then upsized to fully fill the 4:3 frame. The latter will lose a bit of resolution from the upsizing and a bit of the AOV from the side cropping, but will display an undistorted image (circles will still be circular). Note: Both v0.58 and v0.67 function identically in this regard for me. Here's the camera settings for these alternatives:
  • Photo mode set for 1280x720
    • Video Out set to 4:3 - always gives stretched 4:3
    • Video Out set to 16:9 - always gives letterboxed 16:9
  • Photo mode set for 1280x960
    • Video Out set for 16:9
      • Power button toggles display from 16:9 letterboxed to 4:3 correct proportions
    • Video Out set for 4:3 (not useful, but possible)
      • Power button toggles display from normal stretched 4:3 to stretched and cropped (black bars on the sides) 4:3

NOTE: The above does NOT work if you are simultaneously recording and transmitting composite video out! Pressing the power button while recording will simultaneously capture a still frame grab image, and this function has priority over the video out function toggle mentioned above.
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