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PF, here's what works for me.

In Silhouette Studio,
  1. Design your cut. In this example, I used the Text tool to create some lettering.
  2. Create a rectangle that is slightly larger than the cutting area.
  3. Use the Fill Color window and fill the rectangle, e.g., with gray.
  4. Use the Cut Style window and make the rectangle No Cut.
  5. Right click on the rectangle and Send to Back.
  6. Send your design to the printer and print it on a sheet of copy paper. This will be your carrier sheet.

In the physical world,
  1. Cut a piece of self-adhesive trim, paper backing and all, the size of the rectangle.
  2. Use a glue stick to glue the backing side of the trim to the carrier sheet. The trim should cover the printed rectangle.

Back in Silhouette Studio,
  1. Load the carrier sheet into the Silhouette and Send to Silhouette.

And then,
  • Simple designs you can probably just remove the self-adhesive trim from its backing and place directly on the final surface.
  • For larger designs, you may wish to put a drop or two of soap into a dish of water, and dip the trim in this solution before placing the trim on the final surface. This allows you to reposition the trim.
  • For lettering, use a piece of masking tape as a transfer. Cut a piece longer than the design, lay it over the trim, carefully peel the trim off its backing -- the front of the trim will stick to the tape, position the tape (and trim) over the final surface and press firmly, and finally peel the tape off the trim -- the back of the trim will stick to the final surface.

I hope the pictures help.
jeffsch is online now Find More Posts by jeffsch
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