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I am some where between the tow previous answers to your query.

Since steam boats tend to "worry" you ever so little about what might be going on "under the hood" so to speak , I tend to steam for no longer than 20-25 minutes. Regardless of how the boiler level is doing or the gas supply or to check the pressure gauge- You still might need to drain and refill the lubricator.

So coming in for a pit stop is part of the enjoyment for me really.

I do have an burner attenuator on my most recent steam boat and really like it. It keeps the boiler at a nice constant even pressure. It has the secondary benefit of allowing me to slow down and linger a bit in the pond- practice maneuvers without setting off the SV. As my newest boat is a paddle tug- I like to dink around with barges and such and this allows the burner to switch down to "pilot light" level if I am not consistently using the steam supply. Or moving around at "scale speed" in the harbor etc.

Now to boiler level monitoring--I am with Brooks on this part. Nope - I just check it when I swing in to top off the oil etc. A site glass and my eyes are the best boiler monitor in my book. Then I don't have to worry if the system is working correctly and I am not "asleep" at the controls.

Steam takes some tending to.

To me that is the joy in it

Hope this helps

and welcome to steam--it is very rewarding...I am no pro but now have 3 working steam boats with 2 more under construction...and two more needing restoration....Yep, HOOKED
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