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Pete, you missed the composite of my comment. Both are happening. Heat is why they rate house hold appliances yes, but now in the world of fluorescents and all that save the earth stuff, the extra heat of a higher wattage bulb above the raw material ratings of the design, that heat is energy waisted, the bill goes up because of inefficient devices.... the equal to your amps out the battery not going to the motor.
Not sure if they have Energy Star rating in OZ but same idea follows this too. Better efficient devices reduces your over all bill which is directly match to watt consumed to do the same job.

So if you ran a lamp with a rating that could handle the higher wattage bulb, the energy watts used would be less than the overrated scenario to get the same lumen's.

And yet we constantly are trying to do it with RC setups for some reason other than weight. Which is why I just side with just get a connector and wire that fits your demand. You've heard my comments on matching the gauge wire of the battery you use and that most ESC use 12 gauge but would do better to cut those back and use a heavier gauge unless weight is a concern. Its also why I wish all ESC makers would just use post clamps so that you could match the proper gauge without the extra solder, crimp or what ever points.

The reason V8, and I assume you just threw that in there for fun to stop Pete and I from spinning into a big argument, Solder and Crimp isn't used together is the difference of materials. Gold plating over mystery metal under heat with a wide variety of solder grades can and does lead to corrosion and fail. Because the standards are there particularly for the safety of human lives it's not allowed and also explains why solder fails under certain conditions where crimp doesn't.
I don't make the standards but I see the wisdom in them.

Crimping is rubbish.... Pete you're funny! May be just use a professional grade crimper and connectors and you'll be one of the converted.

Either will do for our application because there are no humans on board and we are not sending them into battle or space sooooooooooo..... the arguing is irrelevant. Just gauge your setups accordingly.
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