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Hmmmm....without getting tangled-up in semantics......I'm agreeing with you, Joel (it is a stall phenomenon), and simply suggesting that the MiG's T-tail adds to the difficulty of recovering.

WWU's problem starts when he pulls sharp up-elevator, As you say:

Originally Posted by turboparker View Post
....Pulling the stick back abruptly on any plane will often cause an accelerated stall. If one wing stalls first (which is often the case), the usual result is an abrupt roll toward the stalled wing.....
At that point, the sharp-up elevator has put him in a high AOA, with the wings stalling (probably one before the other, as you say, causing an abrupt roll), and with the MiG's high T-tail surfaces (stab/elevator, rudder, or both) experiencing blanking as they are in the shadow of the wing.

Meaning the MiG is no longer in controlled flight. It is essentially a projectile, not responding normally to control.

Scooting along as a foamy missile, of irregular shape and very little mass, chaotic things are going to happen very quickly. Very likely, an unplanned one-point landing (unless he's at least a mistake or two high).

Bottom line: The MiG stalled and rolled, and recovery was more difficult due to its T-tail blanking.

I agree; no mystery there.

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