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Originally Posted by Spejlo View Post
ok.. finaly I got a little time to complete this OSD and test it on bench. works good.. but I have some minor issues ..

1. PPM init at start need some delay to be detected properly (50ms before check is good for me)
2. PPM min/max values for menu control need to be adjustable in config (openLRS have a bit different values)
3. i think PPM pulseTime should be little bit grater (but I'm not sure.. tomorrow I do some tests)
4. HomeHeading numbers at bottom is always ON in v10..

and logic of menu control should be in config in case someone has servo reversed

if I'm something overlooked in config please let me know
Great to hear

1) That's most likely due to the fact, that TSLRS is quite slow to boot compared to EzUHF. The code initialize PPM, runs the boot-screen and afterwards determine if a PPM-signal have been present during that time. It should be plenty, but if you need more time you can just slow down the boot-screen or add a delay. Let me know if you find anything more specific, don't mind to include it in next release if I know how much time is needed before a PPM-signal is present from TSLRS.

2) I don't use min/max value, so it should be possible to use with pretty much any UHF-systems using normal travel-adjustment - but sure, I can just include it as an advanced option

3) Not quite sure I understand this question? Do you refer to the new-frame detection?
// If a new frame is detected
if (pulseTime > 4100) {

Think you are right about that one. 125% travel adjustment might just exceed that. I've added a check to the PPM, and the reading will not be accepted unless it matches the channels detected at start-up. That will ensure that readings liken that don't give too much trouble. Do you know the minimum dead-time of TSLRS? I can check with EzUHF.
By the way, have you noticed the option use positive PPM?
// Use PPM-in
// 1 = Use PPM-in
// 0 = Don't use PPM-in
#define USE_PPM 1

#define PPM_POSITIVE 0 // positive or negative PPM?

4) have to check this one
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